Along the journey of launching and running your business, you'll need various tools, systems, and services to help along your journey. You can spend countless hours researching the various options, or you can learn from my research, successes and even failures along my journey to help you save time, money and the frustration of making a bad decision or a poorly-timed decision.


The resources below are my personal recommendations based upon my experience using the service and products or based on the experiences of trusted advisors. If you choose to purchase any of these services or produces, be aware that I may have an affiliate relationship with these companies and may receive a small commission as a "thank you" for promoting the product or service. The pricing has not been increased to offset any commissions paid, and the price will be the same price whether you purchase through my site or directly from the service/product provider. Of course, if you choose to purchase via my site, the funds will help to offset the costs of operations, helping to allow us to continue to provide value to you.

Thank you for your continued support.

Finalize Your Business Ideas

Business Discovery Worksheet

Are you struggling to come up with a business idea that is best suited for you? Or do you have too many ideas and need to narrow them down? The Business Discovery Worksheet will help you guide you to the best business suited for your talents, interests, skills, and passions.

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Launch Your Online Marketing Presence

Web Hosting & Domain Name Purchasing

While there are countless options for web hosting, I have been impressed with Bluehost's low-cost solutions, ease-of-use customer interface, and outstanding customer service. Additionally, Bluehost offers multiple add-on features that make them a true one-stop shop. Need to buy a domain name, host your site, ensure you're SSL Certified, or need help building a website? Bluehost has you covered.


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All-In One Platform Solution

Website, Email Marketing, Digital Product Store, Online Courses, & Membership Site

I made the switch from hosting my own WordPress site to the Kajabi platform as I wanted to focus my efforts on creating amazing products and serving my customers, not fixing coding issues and struggling to integrate multiple products together. Kajabi's user friendly platform, great training videos, and outstanding customer service department will ensure that you'll be up and running in no time. Combine your website with email marketing funnels, email capturing tools, build out digital products and courses while integrating with payment services. You can even offer your clients a membership site for paid or free access. You're only limited by your imagination. Don't spend the time and money developing the "perfect" platform for your business, instead, let the experts at Kajabi do what they do, and keep your focus on building and running your business.

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Email Marketing Solutions

Work smarter not harder with your email marketing solutions. Experts agree that email is the "secret solution" to continued online growth. Don't leave it to chance and only rely on social media to reach new and existing clients as there are countless horror stories of people losing their database due to a social media platform change of policies and algorithms. I personally love how simple ConvertKit makes setting up campaigns to stay in touch with clients as well as the ability to create downloadable content in exchange for a user's emails address. Note: If you purchase Kajabi, you will not need ConvertKit as well, since Kajabi include email solutions within their package.

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Logo Design Services

While the idea of creating your own logo can be exciting, DO NOT spend the countless hours creating the perfect logo (unless you're a logo design guru). Your time is more valuable building your business, not designing logos! Instead, do what I do, create a logo contest with 48 Hours Logo and be amazed as multiple logo designers submit numerous designs for you to select from. You can choose a logo submitted, or select the winning designer and add a few more tweaks. Either way, you'll have the final say and will be pleasantly surprised with the final design you select.

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Business Operations

Invoicing & Accounting Solution

One of the key mistakes new business owners make is not setting up an accounting system to separate business finances from personal finances, putting the new business at a liability risk. FreshBooks is your answer to tracking expenses & income, sending emailed invoices out to customers, budgeting for ongoing & major business expenses, and much more. All with the convenience of a cloud based platform.

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